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Don and I are very fortunate to be able to work hand and hand creating our beaded dog collars and belts. With Don doing all the designs and leather work and Barb doing the bead work, we are able to custom make each order. Barb beads on a loom using a very small bead. Using this smaller size bead allows us to create more detail in our patterns. After the beading process is complete Don will inlay the beaded strip between 2 pieces of leather with the top piece of leather protecting the beads and the bottom layer of the leather becoming the lining, making this collar or belt very comfortable and strong. Each collar or belt will then be hand stamped, dyed or stained and the edges will be hand rubbed. This procedure requires a lot of time but when you see the finished product, it is so worth the extra effort. Sincerely, Don and Barb Mohr

Hermann Oak is made in the USA with US steer hides.

Hermann Oak may cost more but it is well worth the extra cost.

We normally ship in 3-4 weeks. All of our products are custom made. We do not stock any product

Leather Belts

Southwest cross belt

About the Belts

We use Hermann Oak leather on all of our belts, using this high quality leather will give you years of wear. Each belt is given the special touch of a stitch grove which allows the stitching to be pulled down deep into the leather preventing stitching damage.


Leather Dog Collars

Southwest Horse Hair 1 Dog Collar

About the Dog Collars

Hermann Oak leather is the only leather we use on all our dog collars. Stainless Steel buckle sets (with a keeper) are also used giving you the needed strength and also will never rust. Each collar is given the special touch of a edge stamping next to the stitching for added beauty.


Leather Guitar Straps

Southwest Floral Guitar Strap

About the Guitar Straps

Our guitar straps are made from Hermann Oak leather. Each strap is either tooled or stamped with different widths available. Each strap comes with a Dunlap dual strap lock.