Beaded Leather Dog Collar HH4

Thread, Hermann Oak Leather, Miyuki Seed Beads, Buckles, Leather Dye, Leather Stain, Stainless Steel Concho Screws

Each dog collar is designed with the beadwork protected with a top piece of leather. Collars are also available in black and natural colored leather. All collars are custom made to size so no 2 collars are the same. Each collar is completely leather lined. We use Herman Oak Leather which is a high-grade leather made in the USA. This leather will give your dog many years of wear and comfort.

Our collars are also given the special touch of a stitch groove which allows the stitching to be pulled down deep into the leather, this prevents stitching damage. We also stamp the leather with a design next to the stitching for added beauty. I use a very small size #15 Miyuki seed bead which allows me to add more detail to the bead design. This collar is a 1-1/2″ wide, a smaller width is also available, however, this may change the bead design.

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